Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Opening

Our Grand Opening is on Friday and Saturday, March 30th-31st!! With high hopes that spring is arriving in the Great Northwest... we have been searching and hunting for that one of a kind garden accent, a festive spring decor item, or that perfect, unique piece of furniture.  My fabulous, talented vendors, range from antique collecting to hand made boutique children's clothing.
One side of our shop is strictly home furnishings! I enjoy taking an ordinary piece of furniture, adding small bits of detail and a coat or two of paint, to make a complete unique, brand new look!
Prices can't be beaten either:) Come take a look and see for yourself!


  1. Ok Mimi & Stella better get our butts in gear & crank out some FINE FURNISHINGS!!

  2. Oh meant to tell you, it says WAS on March 30 & 31st not IS:)