Friday, August 2, 2013

a Summer Vintage Market

Our 1st outdoor affair was a huge success!! 
So many amazing and talented vendors 
and many, many more happy, happy treasure hunters!! 

We were super busy but did manage to take a few shoots during set-up...take a peek at the vintage goodness from this splendid market weekend. 

 One happy customer picked up this vintage scooter...what a perfect fit here on her eclectic farm!!  

 Rusty's very "French Flea" space...this sofa was crowd favorite. 

 Half a boat anyone?? entertainment bar, coat rack and bench...OH! the possibilities!! 

 dive right in to the Vintage treasures!!

Thanks to all who came out and supported this market event! 
We couldn't do it with out you!!


  1. Your spaces were lovely. Found a great old blue wheelbarrow for the yard.

  2. I bought the gorgeous big white hutch. So in love! (And yes, I still have your blanket, and still plan to return it. Just trying to get all the dead grass off!)

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